R310KS-2 — Lead-free Solder Reflow Resistant Adhesive Tape

These products are double-sided tapes that use a newly developed, high-performance acrylic PSA. They are ideal for fixing FPC and other electronic components. Both the adhesive and paper liner are highly resistant to heat and can therefore endure high temperatures (260 degrees centigrade) in the lead-free solder reflow process.
They can be used to bonding FPC to the chassis, to bonding FPC to stiffener, and also be used for a wide variety of applications that require heat resistance.


  1. The paper liner does not deteriorate and can be removed even after the passage of lead-free solder reflow.
  2. The use of the highly heat-resistant adhesive prevents the reduction of adhesive strength and the generation of a large amount of foam that would be caused by the passage of the reflow, allowing the tapes to maintain stable adhesion performance.
  3. The amount of gas generated is small. This means that the impact on the FPC and electronic components is limited.
  4. The material design reflects consideration for processability, which limits the stringing phenomenon and makes the products almost free from problems such as the back-flow and spattering of adhesive after processing. This also enables problems such as the adherence of dust to the adherend to be overcome.
  5. The adhesive strength is much higher than that of conventional double-sided tapes, allowing the products to achieve stable performance in a wide temperature range.

Product Data

Product Name Structure Characteristics Technical
Data Sheet
Thickness (μm) Effective width (mm) Adhesion (N/25mm) Adhesion Performance
R310KS-2 For FPC fixing. Excellent processabilty and high heat resistance (lead-free solder reflow resistance).

* The above data are the mesured value but not our guaranteed performance.
* Please consult our staff for your desired width or length of tape.
* Marks on "Adhesion Performance"
◎: Recommendable
○: Suitable
△: Fear

Notes in use

  1. Clean the adherend (Remove dust, any other foreign particles, water, and oil.)
  2. Make sure that the adherend is free of burrs and warpage.
  3. Apply the tape to the adherend at a temperature of around 20 degrees centigrade wherever possible.
  4. After applying the tape, press firmly.
  5. Be sure to conduct a test before using the tape to check that the tape is suited for the application.

*These tapes are for industrial use only. Do not use them for the following applications.
— Applications that involve or may involve the direct attachment of the tape to the skin.
— Applications that involve the direct attachment of the tape to food.

Notes on storage

  1. Store the product in a room away from sunlight. Keep it away from high temperatures and humidity.
    (The desirable temperature is 5 to 40 degrees centigrade, and the desirable humidity is 60% or lower.)
  2. Avoid placing the product directly on the ground or floor. Place it on a table that allows air to pass through.
  3. When storing tapes in a stack, be sure to insert a removable material, such as inserting paper, between the tapes and stack them vertically.

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