Hot-melt for Bookbinding ~TOYOMELT™ TM•UM Series~

Product Features

Wide range of lineups to meet various demands

Both for back glue and for side glue are available.
In addition, we have a wide range of product lineups to meet your requirements, including general-purpose, strong adhesive, and low-temperature coating types, and they are used by many customers in the Bookbinding market.

Environmental friendly recyclable hotmelt

Products for back glue meet the "difficult-to-tear test" and fall under the rank A of the "Guidelines for Producing Printed Matter Compatible with Recycling" defined by the Japan Printing Industry Association. This environmentally friendly hot-melts is recyclable.

Reactive hot-melts (PUR) series specializing in adhesives for bookbinding back paste

Reactive hot-melts is a adhesives that chemically reacts with moisture in the air and paper after being heated and dissolved, and then hardens. Compared to conventional EVA-based hot-melts's adhesives, it has a strong adhesive strength, excellent spreadability, heat and cold resistance which makes it possible to make books that open well to the knod side, that are durable and long lasting.

Application Example

Bookbinding applications (back glue and side glue)

TOYOMELT™ TM Series Main Products List

Product name Applications Softening point Open time (seconds) Characteristics
TM-2602 Back glue 107 10 seconds to 12 seconds General purpose type, low generation of oil smoke
TM-2780 Back glue 104 8 s to 9 s Excellent resistance to solvents and peeling of cover paper
TM-2486 Back glue 93 8 s to 9 s Excellent hue change over time (good heat-resistant hue)
TM-894 Side glue 89 14 s to 16 s General-purpose type, yarn pulling reduction

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups depending on the application and coating environmental.

TOYOMELT™ UM Series (PUR) List of Major Products

Product name Appearance Viscosity 125℃(mPa・s) Set time Solidification rate Residual MDI (%) Applications and Features
UM-7032 Milky white 7100 20~22 4 min 15 s <1 Bookbinding and MDI-reduced products
UM-7335B Yellow 7300 26~28 4 min 45 s 2~3 For Bookbinding

In addition to the products listed above, there are a wide range of lineups that differ in adhesion, depending on the type and use of the paper material.


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