Hot-melt for Food Packaging Heat Sealing ~TOYOMELT™ H Series~

The TOYOMELT™ Series combines excellent adhesion and easy peel properties. They are used in food packaging and label applications by many customers.    

Product Features

  • A wide lineup of adherends, including PE, PP, PS, and PET.
  • Excellent heat sealing at low temperatures.
  • The materials listed in "Positive List of Food Equipment and Compounds Packaging" specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are used for packaging applications products that come in direct contact with food.

Application Example

Lidding material for yogurt and ice cream
Chewing Gum Wrapping

TOYOMELT™ H Series Main Products List

Product name Softening point (℃) Viscosity@150℃ Main Applications Characteristics
TOYOMELT H-297J 80 2800mPa.s General purpose Versatility to PS, PP compounds, etc.
TOYOMELT H-371 82 3400mPa.s For PS/PP compounds Superior in low-temperature HS performance
TOYOMELT H-246E 68 3050mPa.s Blister pack (toothbrush) Easy Peeling, A-PET compounds compatible
TOYOMELT H-728 98 1150mPa.s Chewing gum and candy wrapping Moisture-proof and flavor-retaining properties
TOYOMELT H-356B 81 3650mPa.s For PS compounds Suitable for post-fermentation yogurt

There are other products that are not listed above.Please feel free to contact us.


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