Hot-melt for Industrial Use ~TOYOMELT™ P Series~

The TOYOMELT™ P Series is a series of "Hotmelt pressure sensitive adhisives" for a variety of applications.

We are developing products for different applications and they have been used in a wide range of fields, from packaging materials such as labels and clear cases, to daily necessities such as sanitary supplies, automotive interiors, and industrial applications such as building materials.

Application Example

Clear Case
Automobile mat
Electronics Components
Diapers and sanitary supplies
Building materials
Trade labels

TOYOMELT™ P Series Main Products List

Product name Appearance Shape Softening point (℃) Characteristics Main Applications
TOYOMELT P-708K-5 Clear pale yellow About 300g
Pillow packaging
98 Strong adhesion over a wide temperature range
Good adhesion to PE and PP, re-peeling property
Film bag sealing
TOYOMELT P-804G Pale yellow translucent 2.5kg
105 Strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates
Excellent heat resistance and initial adhesion
Adhesion of automotive interior materials
Adhesion of Electronics Components
TOYOMELT P-907YB-5 Pale yellow translucent About 300g
Pillow packaging
113 Good adhesion to plastics such as PP and PET
High transparency, new Positive List conform
Clear Case
Folding box
TOYOMELT P-913E-1 Pale yellow 1kg
140 Excellent heat resistance at high softening point Adhesion of floor mats for automobiles

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups use on the type of base material, coating conditions, and applications.


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