Hot-melt for Paper Containers ~TOYOMELT™ HM Series~

The TOYOMELT™ HM Series has good adhesion to paper substrates and is compatible with a variety of uses, including cardboard and carton sealing applications, anti-slip applications, kraft bag sealing boxes, and paper glove wrapping.

Application Example

Cardboards sealing
Cardboards non-slip

TOYOMELT™ HM Series Main Products List

Product name Appearance and shape Melting point Viscosity 180℃
Open time
Set time
Applications and Features
TOYOMELT HM-3105-1 Pale yellow and strips 86 1200 6~7 3~4 For sealing kraft bags Good adhesion
TOYOMELT HM-3350 Pale yellow and strips 105 990 6~7 <2 For cardboard boxes Quick set, yarn stringing reduction, heat resistance
TOYOMELT HM-4070A Pale yellow and strips 101 1800 18~20 30~35 For anti-slip cardboard Slip resistance good
TOYOMELT HM-5251 Pale yellow and strips 82 140℃500 6~7 <2 For the calendar

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups depending on the type of paper base material, coating conditions, and applications.


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