Hot-melt for PET Bottle Labels ~LABELMELT™ BL Series~

Product Features

Environmentally friendly Hotmelt that can be recycled

In the process of recycling PET bottles, the LABELMELT™ BL Series has the characteristics of  "alkali-releasable" and "less adhesive residue on PET bottles," making it suitable for recycling.
* "Voluntary Design Guidelines" established by the PET Bottle Recycling Promoting Council, and its recycling aptitude falls under rank A.

No.1 market share in Japan for Hotmelt used in PET bottle body wrapping label

We have a wide range of lineups that differ in adhesive and viscosity depending on the characteristics of the labeler and contents, and they have been used by a number of beverage manufacturers, including brand owners.

Contributing to Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Cost Reduction

In the labeling process for PET bottles, compared with shrink labels, the body wound labels produces less carbon dioxide and is less expensive to manufacture.

Application Example

Bottled labels of PET-bottles
Labels of bottle bottles

LABELMELT™ BL Series Main Products List

Product name Hue Alkali releasability Water resistance Heat resistance Applications and Features
LABELMELT BL-8603C Yellow Non-carbonated uses, good hand peelability
LABELMELT BL-8603F Yellow Non-carbonated uses; Strong adhesion; Thread reduction
LABELMELT BL-8603K-5 Pale yellow Compatible with carbonated beverages; Strong adhesion; Pillow packaging

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups that differ in stickiness and viscosity depending on the characteristics of the labeler and contents. Please feel free to contact us.


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