Laminating Adhesives

Laminating adhesives, which are essential for highly functional laminate composites, require performance and functions that are suitable for properties of film materials. The Toyo Ink Group's material development technologies and converting technologies achieve this goal.
Toyo-Morton develops and proposes laminating adhesives from six angles (security and safety, high functionality, environmental friendliness, cost reduction, stable quality, and technical service), from the perspectives of CSV (Creating Shared Value), which means creating value shared with customers and society.


Dry Laminating Adhesives (for Food / Daily Commodity Packaging)

A single plastic film has various properties, including transparency, flexibility, moisture permeability, gas barrier properties, and chemical resistance. However, at least two types of films need to be bonded together to protect the content, for which dry laminating adhesives are used.

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Solvent-free Laminating Adhesives

There is a glowing awareness to safety and security in food packaging. We offer Solvent-free laminating adhesives which don't use solvent for lamination.

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Extrusion Laminating Primers

While dry lamination uses a solid plastic film, extrusion lamination involves a process of extruding polyethylene as the sealant, which is melted at around 310 degrees centigrade, and bonding the sealant with the primary base material by using an anchor coat (primer.)

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Dry Laminating Adhesives (for Industrial Use)

Based on our expertise in adhesives, which was developed in the field of food packaging, we develop and sell industrial adhesives with high resistance properties, including durability, resistance to heat and humidity, strong adhesiveness, flame resistance, and formability.

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