What is Toyochem's Urethane Adhesive?
Introduction to the CYABINE® Series

1.Features of our urethane adhesive CYABINE®

The main polymers of adhesives used for seal labels and tapes are generally designed with rubber-based or acrylic resins that are easy to customize. Toyochem has long been developing adhesives using urethane resins, which are commonly used in other fields, in the hope of creating unique product designs that have never been seen before.

Features of urethane resins

  • Low odor
  • High moisture permeability
  • Low skin irritation
  • Removability

These characteristics are superior to those of general acrylic adhesives.

Therefore, we have taken advantage of these characteristics to develop products for health care, optical, and general sundry applications, and we are proud of our decades-long track record since the launch of our products. In recent years, we have been manufacturing and selling urethane adhesives not only in Japan but also globally, and have accumulated knowledge in this field.

In 2020, we have also designed and developed environmentally friendly products such as biomass, biodegradable, and high-solids products, which are required by the world.


  • CYABINE® SH-101
    • Low peel
    • Good Wettability
  • CYABINE® SH-109
    • Low peel
    • Better wettability than SH101
  • CYABINE® SH-122
    • Low peel
    • Good curability
  • CYABINE® SP-205
    • Middle peel
    • High moisture permeability
    • ISO10993-1 evaluated

    *ISO10993-1:This PSA is confirmed the low skin irritation and cytotoxicity according to ISO10993-5/10993-10, but it is not guarantee that safety.

    Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Medical Tapes
  • Development product
    EXK 19-099
    • Middle peel
    • High moisture permeability

3.Eco-friendly type

Urethane adhesives can also be designed to add new high environmental value, such as ultra-high solidity, biomass, and biodegradability. The newly developed product is expected to contribute to the realization of packaging formats that reduce environmental impact.

products Peel grade solid content Features
High-solid type Low 99.8% Ultra high solid
Biomass type High - Biomass content:80%
Removability - Biomass content:10%
Biodegradable type High - Biodegradable
Biomass content: 45%

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