Can Coatings

Functional metal coating agents for beverage / food cans

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Finishes™ , Toyochem's functional can coatings, are applied to the inside and outside of steel and aluminum cans to protect the contents, such as drinks, food, and chemicals, and prevent scratches on the surface of the cans. The highly functional product fully considers the safety and hygiene of its contents, especially the protection of the flavors, at the product quality design stage. Environmentally-friendly, water-based paints and other paints without bisphenol A are also available. This product provides functions such as anti-scratching, easy processing, anti-corrosion, and insulation to various metals, including aluminum, steel, and copper.

Finishes® Product Overview

We have wide range of product lineups designed by heat curable resin which also could offer new developments from the customer needs.

Structure and Function

Resins Pigments Additives Solvents
Coating Components Volatile Components
Synthetic resin
Base agent / Crosslinking agent
Mechanical property
Water resistance
Weather resistance
Preservation stability
Pigment dispersibility
Coating stability
Film-forming property
Catalyst / Curing agent
Important conditioner
Dissolving resins
Dispersing pigment
Coating ability (low viscosity)
Coating transference

Functional Coating Image

Our coating products provides the functional organic coating film toward metal surface.

Usage Example

Functions Required for Coatings

Can type

Beverage cans, food cans, confectionary cans, powdered milk cans, 18 liter cans, drum cans, pail cans, metal caps, etc.

Food Container

Sanitary property (or hygiene), Canning property, Resistance towards the contents, Forming ability, Decorating property, High-speed filling property, Printing property, Preserving property, Flavor property

Functional Machine Parts

Chemical resistance, Scratch resistance, Forming ability, Adhesion, recoat property, Heat resistance, Water resistant / Slipping property, Weather resistance, Insulation


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