Coatings for metal product

Finishes™, Toyochem's functional coatings, are applied to the inside and outside of steel and aluminum cans to protect the contents, such as beverage, food, and chemicals, and to prevent scratches on the surface of the cans. The highly functional products are fully considered at the quality design stage for protection of contents' hygiene and flavor. Environmentally-friendly, water-based coatings and coatings without bisphenol A are also available. Our products provides anti-scratching, easy processing, anti-corrosion, and insulation functions to various metals, such as aluminum, steel, and copper.

About BPA-NI internal coatings

Finishes™ product overview

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Beverage can

Exterior Coating

A wide range of varnishes are available, including clear varnishes that are retortable, matte varnishes that enhance the aesthetic appeal, and varnishes that are specialized to resist abrasion. In addition, we can offer proposals to meet the conditions of use, such as improvement of transportability or system that can reduce misting using new technology.

Internal lacquer

In addition to conventional epoxy-based products, we have established quality of environmentally friendly BPANI lacquer. We can make proposals to meet customer needs, such as giving the retort resistance, optimizing spray suitability by controlling fluidity, and applying high forming ability to bottle cans by customizing the hardness of the coating film

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End closure

Exterior coating

Our coil coating for Ends is water-based that can reduce VOCs. Rheology of the coating is controlled to provide excellent high speed coil applicaton. Excellent scratch resistance and high formability have been realized and have been used by a wide range of customers.

Internal coating

It has content resistance, substrate adhesion, and formability, and can be used for various applications such as beer, acidic beverages and retort beverage. In addition, we have many types of resin including BPANI coating, so we can offer coating performance proposals that meet customer demands.

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Food can

Exterior Coating

Both base coating and top coating are available in acrylic and polyester. These have high functionality such as high gloss on wet on wet system and on UV ink, high temperature retort resistance, and resistance to damage during transportation.
We have also started developing UV and LED coatings, which can be used in combination with UV/LED metal decoration inks.

Internal Coating

In addition to conventional epoxy resin, we have BPA-reduced coating and BPANI coating. We can respond to a wide variety of severe contents. Wide range of coating colors are available such as clear, gold, white, and silver.

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Cap & Crown

Exterior Coating

Polyester and epoxyester varnish are designed for high gloss on wet on wet system and on UV ink. Good flexibility and abration resistance are the characters with high temperature retort resistance. We can propose decorations by combining matte varnish on metal decoration inks.

Interior Caoting

We have BPANI coating, which enables high adhesion with PE and PP liner materials. Particularly, we are able to design coating that have a good opening torque after retort process.

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General can

Exterior Coating

A wide range of resin-based products are commercial such as polyester, acrylic, and epoxy ester that can be baked at low temperatures in consideration of environmental issues.
We have recently introduced UV coating to the market and have begun to develop LED coating, and we are pursuing a new kind of decoration by combining with metal decoration ink.

Interior Coating

For general can applications, we have a range of resin types with high formability, high gloss, color coating, and so on to match your application.

Monoblocks & Tubes

Exterior Coating

We have a wide range of coatings for various container shapes and decorative properties, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and deodorants. Our varnishes, a hybrid type with the hardness of acrylic and the flexibility of polyester, have been especially well used for many years.

Interior Coating

Pharmaceutical products require a high level of health and safety as well as protection of their contents. We have been supplying coating that meet safety standards and are reliable over the long term.

Industrial Materials

Exterior Coating

Industrial materials serve to protect containers from outdoor storage, chemical damage, and frequent delivery. A wide variety of resins have been designed with the customer's convenience.

Interior Coating

We have maintained a high market share in Japan for internal drum coatings and have adapted to all types of contents. Our extensive database of contents has earned us the trust of our customers, including pails and 18 litre square can.

Special function application

Prevention of corrosion, weather resistance

Recently, it has been used for vehicle number plates and construction materials to prevent metal corrosion and to add aesthetic appeal through coloration, utilizing our can coating technology.

Hydrophilic properties

Our special hydrophilic acrylic coating has been used for many years as a fin material for heat exchangers such as the outdoor units of air conditioners.

Scratch resistance

Coating technology is used as a protective coating for metal surfaces under extreme conditions. Protective coatings for steel straps are an example.

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