Lioduras™ AMB series — UV Curable Antimicrobial Hard Coating Agents


  • Checked for transparency and antimicrobial properties. (JIS Z 2801).
  • Both transparency and antimicrobial properties. (JIS Z 2801)

Technical Information

Sample data of coated film

Evaluation method AMB400 series
Pencil Hardness: 750g JIS K 5600-5-4 2H
Scratch resistance Steel wool #0000
(500g, 10 round)
No scratches
Haze JIS K 7105 < 0.3%
Total light transmittance JIS K 7105 > 90.0%
Antimicrobial property JIS Z 2801 Number of living Test microbeA : < 1/100
Number of living Test microbeB: < 1/100
Antimicrobial Agent Ag containing filler

The above data are the measured value but not our guaranteed performance.

Antimicrobial property
The antimicrobial properties of this product have been confirmed by antimicrobial test (JIS Z 2801).
※ The antimicrobial properties of this product have not been confirmed under the various conditions in which the product is actually used. Antimicrobial properties may vary depending on processing conditions etc. Please check the antimicrobial properties by yourself in advance.
※ Antimicrobial coating is not intended to prevent or treat diseases.

Preparing conditions of samples for evaluation

Substrate PET (100μm)
Dry conditions 80°C, 1min.
Curing conditions High Pressure Mercury Lamp 80W/cm, Amount of lamp 400mJ/cm2


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