Lioduras™ BR series — UV Curable Clear Barrier Coating Agents for Soft PVC


  • UV-curable plasticizer barrier coating for soft PVC.
  • Excellent Antifouling properties, highly resistance to marker pens. (BRS type)
  • Excellent Antistatic properties and resistance to dust. (BRAS type)

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Technical Information

Coating Properties

BRS500 series BRAS600 series
Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid Pale yellow transparent liquid
Solid content (%) 40 40
Viscosity (mPa・s@25°C) 15 - 20 15 - 20
Remarks Antifouling type Antistatic type

Sample data of coated film

Evaluation method BRS500 series BRAS600 series
Haze* JIS K 7105 < 1.0% < 1.0%
Wear resistance Calico 500g x 100 round No scratches No scratches
Antifouling resistance Marker pen wiping Good
Surface resistance (Ω/cm2) Surface resistance meter < 1011
Plasticizer barrier property Excellent Excellent
Adhesiveness Cross-cut test
(old JIS K5400-8.5)
100/100 100/100

Using the PET A4100.

The above data are the measured value but not our guaranteed performance.

General clear hard coating
Lioduras™ BRS

Preparing conditions of samples for evaluation

Substrate Soft PVC sheet with a thickness of 1mm
Coating conditions Using bar coater, #18 (thickness of about 7μm)
Dry conditions 60°C, 1min.
Curing conditions High Pressure Mercury Lamp 80W/cm, Amount of lamp 400mJ/cm2
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Adobe Readeris required to see the PDF data.


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