Lioduras™ — UV Curable Functional Hard Coating Agents

With the advent of the high level electronics society, from the perspective of product diversification, high performance / productivity and costs' reductions, high performance plastic materials are being sought after. With a long history in fostering dispersion technology, this is where we came to focusing our energy on functional coating agents.
High transparency, high hardness, and a high solidity coating layer are common features of the Lioduras™ series of functional hard coating UV-curable agents. They also combine antistatic, refractive index control and other UV / heat rays absorption functions conducive to a wide range of applications.

Lioduras™ Product Lineup

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Series Product Feature Remarks
LCH LCH2243LWC High hardness High surface energy(60dyne) and Good recoatability
LCH6701 High scratch resistance.
LCH2291 High hardness.
LCH2391 High hardness resistance and High Flexibility
LCH1587-55 Anchor coating agent for SiO2 sputtered films
LAS LAS1303 Anti-static Organic type anti-static hard coatings
TYAB TYAB-M101 Anti-blocking Anti-blocking hard coatings and Low haze
TYAB-M230HD Anti-blocking hard coatings,Low haze and High surface energy
TYZ TYZ65-01 High-refractive index Contains ZrO2 fine particle (Refractive index: from 1.53. up to 1.76.)
TYZ65-01-S Contains ZrO2 fine particle (Refractive index: from 1.53. up to 1.76.) and thin film coating
TYT TYT82-11 Higher-refractive index High-Refractive index hard coatings (Refractive index: from 1.76. up to 1.82.)
TYT90-06 High-Refractive index hard coatings (Refractive index: from 1.82. up to 1.90.)
MAC MAC-1500 Adhesion to metal sputtering Excellent adhesion to metal sputtering layer.
MOL MOL8020 Moldability Hard coatings for molding , Thermosetting type
MOL9000 Hard coatings for molding , UV curing type
AMB AMB300 Antimicrobial Antimicrobial hard coatings, 300 series contains inorganic oxide fillers.
AMB400 Antimicrobial hard coatings, 400 seies contians Ag fillers.
AV AV1001 Antiviral Excellent antiviral property with high transparency.

Substrate : PET(with primer), PC, PMMA, TAC, CPI, COP, etc.


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