Lioduras™ — UV Curable Functional Hard Coating Agents

With the advent of the high level electronics society, from the perspective of product diversification, high performance / productivity and costs' reductions, high performance plastic materials are being sought after. With a long history in fostering dispersion technology, this is where we came to focusing our energy on functional coating agents.
High transparency, high hardness, and a high solidity coating layer are common features of the Lioduras™ series of functional hard coating UV-curable agents. They also combine antistatic, refractive index control and other UV / heat rays absorption functions conducive to a wide range of applications.

Product Lineup

Lioduras™ LCH series — High-hardness Hard Coating Agents

All-purpose hard coating agents. We provide a lineup of products with low warping properties and with higher hardness.

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Lioduras™ LCH8000 series — Hard Coating Agents for Spray Coating

Hard coating agents supporting spray coating. It is also possible to add functions.

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Lioduras™ EFC series — Anti-fingerprint Hard Coating Agents

Hard coating agents that make fingerprints invisible using lipophilic properties.

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Lioduras™ LAS/TYS/TYP series — Anti-static Hard Coating Agents

Hard coating agents that manage high transparency and antistatic properties. Both an organic type and an inorganic type are available.

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Lioduras™ MOL7000 series — Hard Coating Agents for Molding

One-stage curing type coating agents that feature high extensibility and can be molded after coating, without requiring UV irradiation after molding.

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Lioduras™ BR series — Clear Barrier Coating Agents for Soft PVC

Hard coating agents that provide an antifouling property and antistatic property for flexible PVC sheets. They are resistant to plasticizers contained in substrates.

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Lioduras™ AQ series — Aqueous Hard Coating Agents

Aqueous and tranparency hard coating agents that are non-hazardous materials and significantly reduce VOC discharge.

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Lioduras™ TYZ/TYT series — High Reflactive Index Hard Coating Agents

Hard coating agents that can freely control the refractive index. They provide thin film formation with excellent adhesion to ITO and COP.

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Lioduras™ TYAB series — Anti-blocking Hard Coating Agents

Hard coating agents that feature excellent anti-blocking performance while providing high transparency.

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Lioduras™ MAC series — Hard Coating Agents for Metal Sputtering Anchor Coat Layer

Metal sputtering anchor coating agents that feature superior adhesion to the metal sputtering layer, as well as high alkali resistance and boiling resistance.

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Lioduras™ AV series — UV Curable Antiviral Hard Coating Agents

Excellent Antiviral UV-curable hard coatings with high transparency

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Lioduras™ AMB series — Antimicrobial Hard Coating Agents

Highly transparent hard coating agents that feature an excellent antimicrobial property.

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