Quick Reference Table of Functions

Series Feature Remarks
LCH High hardness
  • eneral type of hard coating.
  • 2500 series: Low-curl type.
  • 6000 series: High scratch resistance.
  • 8000 series: Suitable for spray coating method.
EFC Anti-fingerprint
  • Lipophilic hard coating with low fingerprint visibility.
  • Hard to see the attached fingeprints.
LAS Anti-static
  • Organic type anti-static hard coatings(109.)
  • High polyer made from originally desinged antisatics resins.
  • TYS: Contains Sb2O5 fine particle.
  • TYP: Contains PTO(SnO2:P)fine particle.
  • No humidity dependence.
MOL Moldability
  • Hard coatings for molding.
  • Achives excellent degree of elongation (+100%), scratch resistance and sun screen resistance.
BR Adhesiveness to soft PVC
  • Excellent adhesion to soft PVC.
  • Excellent antifouling and antistatic properties.
AQ Water-based, non-hazardous type
  • Water-based and non-hazardous type of clear hard coating.
  • Eco-friendly type to acheive low VOC emission.
  • Achives excellent hardness, scratch resistance and adhesion to substrate.
TYZ High-refractive index
  • High-Refractive index hard coatings (Refractive index: up to 1.76.)
  • Contains ZrO2 fine particle.
TYT Higher-refractive index
  • High-Refractive index hard coatings (Refractive index: up to 1.90.)
  • Contains TiO2 fine particle.
TYAB Anti-blocking
  • Anti-blocking hard coatings.
  • Low haze.
MAC Adhesion to metal sputtering
  • Excellent adhesion to metal sputtering layer.
  • Excellent adhesion under metal sputtering thickness of less than 0.3μm.
  • Excelent scratch resistance (no scratch by steel wool 1kg x 10 times.)
  • Excellent alkali resistance.
AV Antiviral
  • Excellent antiviral property with high transparency.
AMB Antimicrobial
  • Antimicrobial hard coatings.
  • 400 seies contians Ag filler, 300 series contains inorganic oxide fillers.

Substrate : PET(with primer), PC, PMMA, TAC, CPI, COP, etc.


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