Lioduras™ SR series — UV Curable Self-recovery Hard Coating Agents


  • Excellent hydrophilic hard coatings.
  • Excellent anti-fogging hard coatings.

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Technical Information

Sample data of coated film

Evaluation method SR2802
Haze JIS K 7105 < 1.0%
Total light transmittance JIS K 7105 > 90%
Scratch resistance Steel wool #0000
(200g/cm2, 10 round)
5 scratches
Pencil hardness: 750g JIS K 5600-5-4 2B
Degree of elongation 25°C 60%
Water contact angle 107°
Self-recovery property Self-recovery property Instantly recovered

Properties of cured film (Substrate: PET, Thickness: 5-6μm.)

The above data are the measured value but not our guaranteed performance.

Right after brass brash 10 times scratch →
→ Scratch recovery after 1sec

Recommended curing conditions

Dry conditions 80°C, 1min.
Curing conditions High Pressure Mercury Lamp 80W/cm, Amount of lamp 400mJ/cm2
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Adobe Readeris required to see the PDF data.


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