Lioduras™ TYAB series — UV Curable Anti-blocking Hard Coating Agents


  • Anti-blocking UV-curable hard coatings with high transparency.
  • Superior adhesion to Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) and various ink layers / Wetting properties.
  • Suitable for ITO film use.
  • Grade for Cyclic olefin (COP) substrate.

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Technical Information

Sample data of coated film

Evaluation method TYAB-S series TYAB-L series
Size of anti-blocking agent < 100nm > 100nm
Recommended film thickness About 1.0μm < AB agent size
Haze JIS K 7105 < 1.0% < 1.0%
Total light transmittance JIS K 7105 > 90% > 90%
Pencil hardness: 750g JIS K 5600-5-4 - 2H - 2H
Scratch resistance Steel wool #0000
(500g, 10 round)
No scratches No scratches
Anti-blocking property 12.5kg/cm2 load
50℃, 24hrs
No blocking No blocking area:
> 90.0%
Wetting property Dyne pen 36 - 40dyn 36 - 52dyn

Property value of coated film (1 micron layer on 100 micron PET substrate)

The above data are the measured value but not our guaranteed performance.

Recommended curing conditions

Dry conditions 100°C, 1min.
Curing conditions High Pressure Mercury Lamp 80W/cm, Amount of lamp 400mJ/cm2
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Adobe Readeris required to see the PDF data.


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