LIOELM™ FTS series — Thermal Conductive Adhesive Sheets

LIOELM™ FTS series are thermal conductive adhesive sheets work as a TIM(thermal interface material).
Our original resin and sheet processing technology result in adhesive sheets with excellent insulation property and high heat durability. Also achieved flexibility and softness with high thermal conductivity (maximum 10W/m・K).

* This is the new development.


  • Low elasticity : Softness makes easy to fill uneven surface and works for stress relaxation.
  • Thermal conductivity : Toyo's filler dispersion technology derived throughout ink manufacturing expertise, together with our unique design technology ensures reliable heat dissipation.
  • Insulation : Our original resin and sheet processing technology ensures insulation.
  • Adhesion : Very good adhesion with various metal substrates.
Developing product

Usage example

  • Heat dissipation of SiC/GaN/Si power modules,
  • Heat dissipation of high energy LED light modules,
  • Adhesion with automobile parts and heat sink,
  • Adhesion of Peltire element and modules, etc.

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