LIOELM TSC™ series — Conductive Adhesive Sheets

LIOELM TSC™ (Toyo Super Conductive) is a series of heat curable conductive adhesive sheets that ensure constantly high conductivity thanks to the conductive filler dispersed in heat-resistant urethane adhesive resin developed by us. Consisting of flexible, heat-resistant resins, these sheets boast high resistance to solder reflow heat and embeddability.
They demonstrate a high capability to reinforce the grounding when the ground circuit of FPC and the metal reinforcing plate are connected electrically.

LIOELM TSC™ 200 series

  • They come in thicknesses of 40μm or 60μm. Choose the one that is appropriate for the step and hole diameter.
  • They demonstrate high adhesive strength when used for gold plating and FPC materials.
  • TOYOCHEM's unique dispersion technology suppresses the rise of resistivity with the passage of time, ensuring stable conductivity.
  • TOYOCHEM's unique resin design ensures stable conductivity even at high temperatures and humidity.
  • An environmentally friendly, halogen-free product, which has obtained UL94 VTM-0 flame resistance certification.

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