LIOELM TSS™ series — EMI Shield Films

EMI shield films, the LIOELM TSS™ (Toyo Super Shield) series, come in the industry's first two layer constitution, which was enabled by the use of a special urethane resin developed by us.
A high EMI shield effect is achieved by the dispersion of conductive filler in the heat-resistant adhesive (urethane resin).
Consisted of flexible, heat-resistant resins, they boast high folding endurance, flexibility, and heat-shrinkable properties. This makes them an outstanding EMI shield material for FPC, electronic components, and the like.

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EMI Shield Film for FPC with High Step Followability LIOELM TSS™ 200/210

  • It boasts high step followability and can be used for rigid flex circuit board print wiring boards.
  • It also features superior embeddability in small-diameter holes, which is enabled by the flexibility of the resin designed by us.
  • An environmentally friendly, halogen-free product, which has obtained UL94 VTM-0 flame resistance certification.

LIOELM TSS™ 310 — EMI Shield Film for Thin FPC

  • This thin film, whose total thickness is less than 10μm, comes with the same or higher level of shield performance and bend performance compared to with our TSS™ 200 series.
  • It boasts high step followability and can be embedded in small-diameter holes.
  • An environmentally friendly, halogen-free product.

EMI Shield Film for High-Frequency, High-Speed Transmission FPC LIOELM TSS™ 500 Series

  • This EMI shield film is compatible with next-generation high-speed communications.
  • We offer a lineup of EMI shield sheets that expand the possibilities of customers’ circuit designs.
  • An environmentally friendly, halogen-free product.

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