LIOELM TSU™ 500 series —Low Dk/Df Heat Curable Adhesive Sheets

LIOELM TSU™ 500 series offers low dielectric, heat curable adhesive sheets for flexible multilayer substrates, featuring great transmission loss reduction, which is required for high-frequency circuits (antennas and millimeter-wave radar) supporting fifth-generation communications (5G).
Values of the dielectric constant and dielectric tangent are low, and transmission loss can be reduced significantly compared with conventional interply adhesion sheets. These products also feature superior heat resistance and are designed to be impervious to the high temperatures of lead-free solder reflow.
With excellent adhesive capabilities and heat resistance, these are most suitable for interply adhesive use with multilayer flexible circuit boards. Halogen-free, cadmium-free, and lead-free products.

LIOELM TSU™ 500 series

  • Heat curable adhesive sheets that provide the low dielectric constant and low dielectric tangent, featuring heat resistance of solder reflow.
  • Halogen-free, environmentally friendly products, UL registered products.

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