Guidance on consignment and manufacturing processing

The Chitose Plant utilizes the extraction and purification technologies developed to date for natural pigments and functional materials, as well as manufacturing lines capable of mass production. It also carries out contracted manufacturing processes such as extraction and purification of natural products and sterilization and concentration. It aims to create new partners and markets by effectively utilizing biomass feedstocks for the realization of a sustainable world.

Guidance on consignment and manufacturing processing

Elemental technology for sampling of natural ingredients


High-temperature and high-pressure treatment of Natural Materials enables selection and specific sampling of various active ingredients.

Main Equipment

  • High-pressure soft water boiler
  • Steaming can
Steaming can


Temperature-controlled extraction involving centrifugation and filtration enables selective and efficient extraction of various active ingredients.

Main Equipment

  • Water circulation extractor
  • Hot water extractor
  • Agitated settling tank
  • Centrifuge (solid/liquid)
  • Centrifuge (liquid/solid)
  • Filter
Hot water extractor


Sampling at low temperature by centrifugal thin film vacuum concentration. Concentration is possible without decomposing or denaturing the ingredients.
You can obtain either concentrate or distillate.

Main Equipment

  • Concentrator


Sequential liquid sterilization enables temperature and time setting for each product, allowing for a variety of fungal groups.

Main Equipment

  • Liquid continuous sterilizer
Liquid continuous sterilizer

Powder processing

Product the extract as powder. By using a small machine, it is possible to accommodate a large variety of products in small quantities.

Main Equipment

  • Spray dryer
Spray dryer

Dispersion and premix processing

By choosing various emulsifiers and dispersion stabilizers and using dispersion processing facilities, we will produce pastes (dispersion) centered on water and alcohol.
The dyeing technology enables the study of non-aqueous solubilization of water-soluble components.

Main Equipment

  • Continuous media type disperser, etc.
Wet dispersion and pulverizer

Quality Management

Stable quality control is conducted by analyzing various kinds of sampling components, analyzing various kinds of general physical properties, and testing for microorganisms to ensure safety and safety.


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