Edible Inks for food printing

In response to the growing demand for printing and marking for various foods, such as confectionery like chocolate, cookies, and prunes, and capsules for health foods, printing inks offers all of its ingredients in the form of food and food additives, including edible natural pigments, for direct printing on foods.

Edible Inks for food printing

Composition example of edible ink (main component)

Coloring material Natural food coloring Safflower, safflower, gardenia, squid ink, etc.
Artificial colorants Edible yellow No.4, edible blue No.1, edible red No.3, titanium dioxide, etc.
Resin Gum arabic solution Shellac resins for food, thickening stabilizers, emulsifiers, reinforcing agents, etc.
Shellac solution
Chocolate solution
Solvent Water and alcohol solution Water, ethanol, propylene glycol, edible oils and fats, etc.
Edible fat and oil solution

Characteristics of coloring materials

Edible ink using natural colorants Since it is derived from natural products, a consumer image is good
It is possible to extend the area of color reproduction through unique color management and methods.
Edible ink using synthetic colorants Excellent in color development due to the use of synthetic colorants.
Fine hue can be adjusted, making it easier to produce the desired color

Printing methods and examples of use

Screen printing Chocolate, gum, transfer sheet, etc.
Pad printing Rice crackers, baked confectionery, fruits, etc.
Gravure offset printing Capsules for health foods, sugar-coated confectionery, edible films, etc.
Ink jet printing Dots Such as expiration dates and traceability information for egg shells and fruits
Flatbed Such as decoction, baked confectionery, tablet confectionery, and sugar confectionery
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Various raw materials that can be used for edible inks are very limited.

We will consult with you beforehand about the resilience and printing propriety required for your application and ink, and introduce the products that are suitable for your purpose of use.

Sufficient hygiene is required for printing and ink handling.


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