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Natural crimson color and the strength of striped bamboo delivered from Hokkaido

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In Japan, pigments have been extracted from natural products such as plants since ancient times and used for dyeing and foods. A typical plant is safflower, which is a plant of the Asteraceae family. Safflower originated in Egypt and is said to have been introduced from China to Japan at the end of the 3rd century via the Silk Road. In Yamagata, it was cultivated under the "Mogami safflower" brand, transported to Kyoto, and used for dyeing as a high-class safflower. Lipstick red is said to be the color of safflower.
At the Chitose Factory in Hokkaido, red and yellow pigments are extracted from safflower. Furthermore, utilizing Kumazasa, plants unique to Japan, we have developed a unique manufacturing method that can efficiently extract polyphenols, polysaccharides, etc. through many years of research.
We will continue to respect Japanese tradition, culture, and climate, and propose natural product extraction, refining, compounding, and formulation technologies in various fields such as food, cosmetics, and dyeing.

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