Natural Extracts

Natural crimson color and the strength of striped bamboo delivered from Hokkaido

Inquiries about Products

The Toyo Ink Group offers a variety of products based on natural materials, including natural food dyes.
Liofresh™ Color pigments, which are made from plant-derived pigments including safflower pigments, are widely used for food, cosmetics, and dyeing as coloring formulations.
The Liofresh™ series inks made from these pigments (edible inks) permit direct printing on food. What is more, we also offer products that utilize these pigments, including the Egg Jet Printer System that prints use-by dates directly on eggshells.
Kumazasa (bamboo) extract, a product created by utilizing technologies for extracting these pigments, is used as a functional material for food, cosmetics, and fodder. We also manufacture and process plant-derived materials on a contract basis.
These products made from natural materials are provided by Toyo ADL Corp., a subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group.


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