Powder dye series for direct tableting

This product is ideal for coloring tablets such as tablet confectionery and health foods.
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Powder dye series for direct tableting

Product Features

  1. Compared with spray-dried dye powder, it is finely pulverized, so it is easy to mix with other powders.
    Spray Dry Dye: 70 mesh pass
    Powder dye for direct tableting: 120 mesh pass (average particle size 35μm)
    Even when mixed directly, it is not noticeable as a mottle.
  2. Due to the use of microcrystalline cellulose as an excipient for powdering, there is no caulking over time.
    Spray dry dye excipient : Dextrin
    Powder dye excipients for direct tableting: Microcrystalline cellulose
    The characteristics of microcrystalline cellulose, such as improved liquidity and formation during tableting, are used as they are.
  3. Finely ground powder dye is highly stable for storage and allows a longer quality assurance expiration date to be set.
  4. It's finely ground, so it's also very easy to formulate and mix each color.

Principal uses

  • Tablet confectionery: Seiryo confectionery, lamb nectar, dagashi, etc.
  • Health Foods: Tablets, hard sugar coating, powders for drinks, granules, etc.
  • Other foods: chicks, soft candy sugar coats, chocolates, etc.

Product Information

Product name Color Examples of labeling on foods
LIOFRESH Red CR   Pink Safflower pigment
LIOFRESH Red IR-4   Orange Safflower pigment
LIOFRESH Yellow SP20   A Yellow Safflower pigment
LIOFRESH Red RK-80P   Violet Vegetable pigment
LIOFRESH Blue EX(P)ACM   Blue Gardenia pigment

* The tones on the screen are for reference only. It is different from the actual dye color.


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