About Sasa Extract

Product Information

Product name Properties Features
LIOHERBAL sassa extract LQ-1 Water-soluble liquid Addition to Drink Type Products
Optimal for liquid or paste processing
LIOHERBAL sassa extract SD-1 Water-soluble powder Addition and mixing to powder type products
Optimal for processing in dry state

Active ingredient in sassa extract

It contains a lot of xylooligosaccharides as steaming decompose products of hemicellulose contained in kumazasa soup. Other organic acids and polyphenols are extracted in abundance.

Figure 1. Chromatogram of GC-MS
Figure 2. Chromatogram of Sugar Analysis

Superiority of the steaming extraction method

Aiming to extract more of the rare xylooligosaccharides contained in kumazasa, we have been conducting research through the application of technologies developed to extract and purify natural pigments. Based on various extraction experiments and theories, we have invented the steaming extraction method and succeeded in mass production.

Superiority of the steaming extraction method


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