Safety of the Sasa extract

Pesticide residues

Positive List 360 agricultural chemicals from used raw material leaves are not detected.
Analysis Institution: Hokkaido Air Water Co., Ltd. Environmental Analysis Center

Safety test

Acute toxicity testing (LD50) is highly safe at >5000 mg/kg.
There are also no problems with all the safety test items required for cosmetics.

Test items Results The MHLW guidelines
Health foods Cosmetic products
Single dose toxicity (acute toxicity) >5,000mg/kg
Reverse Mutation Test (Ames Method) Negative
90-day repeated dose study NOAEL 5,000mg/kg/day -
Chromosomal aberration Negative
Phototoxicity Negative -
Photosensitization Negative -
Primary skin irritation Negative -
2-week continuous skin irritation Negative -
Skin sensitisation Negative -
Ocular mucosa irritation Extremely mild irritation at 100% concentration -
Total pheophorbide Not detected - -
Heavy metals (as Pb) <20ppm - -
as arsenic (As2O3) <2ppm - -
Test substance Sasa extract manufactured by Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Laboratory Biotoxtech, Japan Food Analysis Center
GLP OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (as revised in 1997)
Guidelines Ministry of Health guidelines Compliant


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