Direct food-contactable oil and water resistant coating agent for paper

Best choice in the era of plastic packaging reductions. we are proposing a packaging solution that is safe and provides longer life food.

The environment surrounding packaging containers

♦Movement towards deplasticization

1.Greenhouse gas reduction promotion by COP(Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

・2016 COP21 Paris Agreement: Setting greenhouse gas emission reduction target, Japan's goal is to achieve 46% reduction by 2030 comparing to 2013(from April22, 2021 report)

・2018 COP 24:Decided specific measures for the implementation of 2020 Paris Agreement

⇒All companies are required to take countermeasures

2.Plastic waste problem

Roughly 80%of the wastes are landfilled, only 9% is recycled, and the rest is outflow to the ocean. In addition, it is said that about 36% of the total plastic production is packaging container〔UNEP(United Nations Environment Program) report〕.

⇒The plastic waste reductions has become a focus of worldwide attention for the packaging container industry.

♦Japanese and Global chemical substance regulations

1. Japan:Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare introduced a positive list system for food packaging equipment and containers *Promulgated on April 28,2020.

⇒Food packaging equipment and containers will be required more safetiness in the future.

2. United States: Fluorine Compound Regulations The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a draft regulatory decision that includes regulations on perfluorooctanonic acid (PFOA) and perfuorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) in drinking water.

⇒The worldwide regulations on fluorine are becoming stricter.

Features of FILLHARMO™

♦Challenges for paper packaging

Food oil and water will seep out from paper and hands will get dirty.
Sinnce it is direct food contact, it worries about the safetiness of Food Sanitation Law.
Concerns if heat seal process can performed in case of replacing plastic to paper.

♦Features of FILLHARMO™

1. It improves oil resistance and water resistance by coating on paper.

*Toyo also provides products with heat seal properties.

2. It can reduce plastic amount comparing to polyethylene laminate.

3. We have the product line-up that complies with various food regulations.
Japanese food sanitation, FDA (§176.170), ChinaGB(9685-2016)

4. A non-hazardous water-based coating agent that dose not use fluorine-based materials and it is highly safe.

5. With moderate breathability, it prevents stuffiness and keeps the "freshness" of food. 

Usage examples for packaging container

Example①:Polyethylene reduction in paper polyethylene pacaging

*For detailed infomation on CO2 reduction, please request from "Re1uest technical details" at the bottom.

Example②:Making plastic packaging into paper containers

Not only in food packaging containers but it has also been used in other application.

Product lineup

composition Acrylic Styrene/Acrylic
Oil and water resistance
Heat sealability





Features Heat sealability Oil and water resistance