What is Wax?

Wax generally refers to "organic substances that become solid at room temperature and liquid when heated."

Wax is effective in polishing, water repellency, antifouling, mold release, and dispersion. It is used in a variety of applications, from cosmetics and daily necessities such as crayons, candles and car waxes, to industrial products such as paints, inks, adhesives, and tyres.

Types of Wax

Waxes are large, and they are classified into two types: "natural waxes" derived from animals and plants and petroleum, and "synthetic waxes" which are artificially made. There are many kinds, each of which has different physical properties and characteristics.

Major types of wax

Wax Natural wax Biological Origins Animal-derived ・ Beeswax
・ Shellac wax
・ Ibota wax
Plant-derived ★Carnauba Wax
・ Candelilla wax
・ Rice wax
・ Wooden wax (mokuro, Japan Wax)
Petroleum Origin Crude oil-derived ★ Paraffin wax
★ Microcrystalline wax
・ Slack wax
Mineral-derived ・ Montane wax
・ Ceresin
・ Ozokerite
Synthetic wax ★ Polyethylene wax
★ Functional wax
・ Polypropylene wax
・ Fischer-Tropsch wax

★ is a product we handle.

Characteristics of Wax

Materials that are friendly to humans and the environment

Naturally derived waxes are also used in food additives and cosmetics.
It is also high in biodegradable wax and is a material that is both human-and environmentally friendly.

Can impart various properties to materials

In general, wax has the following effects.

Main effect Application Example
Gloss and sheen Fruit coatings, car waxes
Water-repellent, moisture-resistant, and soil-resistant Waterproof cardboards coatings, creams for leather articles
Mold releasing and sliding materials Mold release agent, anti-friction material * Depending on the type, it is also "anti-slip"
Electrical insulation Capacitors, wires
Plastic improver Engineering plastics modifiers, molding aids

Other effects include dispersion, combustion, melting point adjustment, viscosity adjustment, and heat storage.
* It may vary depending on the type of wax, with some exceptions.

Easy storage and transportation

When heated, it becomes a liquid, but it is solid at ordinary temperature, so it is easy to retain and transport.
They range in shape from blocks to grains to powdered ones.

Example of wax use

Cosmetic products
Car wax
Ink and coating
Shoe cream
Mold release agents

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