Plant-based Wax ~Carnauba Wax~

Carnava wax is the most used wax in plant-derived waxes.
It is characterized by its very hard and high melting point among natural waxes, and it is excellent in glossiness, mold releasability, emulsifiability and dispersibility.
It is used for a variety of other purposes, including thermal transfer inks, toners, polishes, and cosmetics.

TOYOCHEM Co., Ltd. handles approximately 40% of the total amount imported into Japan. We offer both flaked and powdered products.

What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnava wax is a wax extracted and purified from the leaves of carnaba palm native to northern Brazil. It is said that there has been more than 200 years of history.
The light yellow ones collected from young leaves are classified as No. 1, and the light brown ones collected from old leaves are classified as No. 2 (or No. 3). They are exported to countries worldwide.

Carnauba palm tree
Carnauba Wax

Carnava wax has the following characteristics:

Characteristics of Carnauba Wax

  • It is naturally derived and is both human-and environmentally-friendly.
  • Very hard and excellent in glossiness
  • Have a high melting point and a sharp melting point
  • An ester wax with excellent compatibility with resins, which is easy to emulsify
    Ingredients: About 80% ester, about 20% other (free fatty acids, free alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc.)

Applications of Carnauba Wax

Cosmetic products
Car wax
Thermal transfer ink
Floor polish
Semiconductor encapsulation
Shoe cream
Coating of food
Mold release agents

Carnava wax we handle

Product name Melting point (℃) Acid value (mgKOH/g) Shape Hue
Carnauba Wax
Type 1, 2, 3 Flake
80-86 Under 10 Flake Type 1: Light yellow
Type 2: light yellow to light brown
Type 3: brown
Carnauba Wax
Type 1, 2 Powder
80-86 Under 10 Powder with a particle size equivalent to 90 μ
(80 mesh 90% pass)

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