Wax for wax lamination ~ TOYOMELT ™ R Series ~

TOYOMELT™ R-Series is a long selling compound wax for wax lamination.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Can be applied not only to the entire surface but also to stripes.
  • A wide range of products, from weak adhesion to strong adhesion
  • High-speed work is also ok.
  • It is also possible to produce compound products that meet the needs of customers.


Candy wrapping
Chocolate silver paper packaging

List of TOYOMELT™ R Series Main Products

Product name Shape Softening point (℃) Viscosity (mPa/S)(120℃) Degree of penetration (25°C) Main use and characteristics
TOYOMELT R-671 Platy 90 380 35~48 Strong adhesive
TOYOMELT R-664 Platy 80 90 18 Ray seal
Good permeability
TOYOMELT R-002B Platy 72
(Melting point)
(100°C SUS Viscosity: sec)
21 Mainly aluminum/paper
Proper embossing.

In addition to the above products, there are a wide range of lineups to suit your application. Please feel free to contact us.


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