Wax Compounds (Formulated Wax) ~ TOPCO™ Series ~

Wax functions in a wide variety of ways, including water repellency, gloss, mold release, anti-slip, viscosity adjustment and insulation, and is a reliable and safe material that has been used in people's life for centuries.
TOYOCHEM Co., Ltd. has a lineup of wax compounds (compounded waxes) that make use of these functions. It is used in a wide range of fields, from coating agents and additives to precision casting.


Wrapping paper bleaching agent
Wax for lipstick
Loss model of the lost wax method

List of TOPCO™ Series Major Products

Product name Use classification Representative applications
TOPCO K Series Coating agent Moisture-proof coatings, mold release packaging materials for ame and caramel, water-resistant and frozen cartons
TOPCO S Series
TOPCO O Series
Specialty compounds Cosmetics, floor polishes, paint additives
TOPCO G Series Impregnating agent, electrical insulation CANDY and CARAMEL packaging materials, paper cups, condensers, dry batteries
TOPCO CW Series Precision casting Loss model of the lost wax method (for precision parts such as golf supplies and automotive parts)

There is a wide range of lineups to suit your application. For details, please feel free to contact us from the following.


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