Synthetic Wax

As a domestic distributor of synthetic waxes manufactured by NuCera Solutions, TOYOCHEM Co., Ltd. handles high-functional, high-value-added synthetic waxes.

What is NuCera Solutions Company?

NuCera Solutions (hereafter NuCera) is a world-leading company in developing and manufacturing specialty polymers with a 85-year history. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, there is a manufacturing facility in Burnsdole, Oklahoma.
NuCera's function polymers are specialty and high-value-added, differentiated by advanced technologies. They are used in a variety of markets worldwide, including adhesives, candles, coatings, Imaging, Masterbatches, personal care, and plastics.

NuCera Solutions Company

In October 2020, the specialty polymers business of BakerHughes became an independent company and became a NuCera Solutions.

Product lineup

Polyethylene wax to POLYWAX™ series ~

POLYWAX™ Series is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax made by polymerizing ethylene in a linear fashion.


  • Very sharp melting point and fast recrystallization
  • Extremely high hardness even at elevated temperatures
  • Due to its narrow molecular weight distribution and lack of branched structure, it is hardly soluble in solvents
  • Due to its perfect saturated structure, it has excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance.
  • Low viscosity


  • Lubricants for polyolefins and flow improvers
  • Polish
  • Mold release agent for toner, fusion aid
  • Anti-friction agent for printing inks
  • Leveling of powder coating, lubricating agent
  • Hot-melts adhesives
  • Compounds for electrical cables
  • Thermal transfer ink
  • Modifiers of hardness and melting point of other waxes
  • Nucleating agent for expanded polystyrene

Long-Chain Synthetic Alcohols to UNILIN™ Series ~

UNILIN™ Series is a fully saturated, long-chain linear primary alcohol.


  • Primary alcohol at a concentration of 80%
  • Has more than 30 carbons and a very large number of carbons than natural alcohols
  • Carbon chains are fully saturated, linear, and long-chain structures with high melting points
  • Excellent compatibility with polar polymers
  • Adds solvent resistance to coatings


  • Intermediates in oxidation, amination, and esterification reactions
  • Emulsion stabilizers
  • Plastic additives for improving slipperiness, engineering plastic modifiers
  • Adhesives Ingredients
  • Resin modifiers, mold release agents, compatibility improvers, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, viscosity inhibitors

Long-Chain Synthetic Carboxylic Acids to UNICID™ Series ~

UNICID™ series are long-chain linear primary carboxylic acids.


  • About 80% linear carboxylic acid (remaining 20% polyethylene)
  • Fully saturated, linear, and long chain carbon chains
  • Excellent compatibility with polar polymers
  • Disperse in water.
  • Reduce smell and volatility
  • Improved adhesion to polar surfaces
  • Controlling melting point and softening point


  • Intermediates in reactions utilizing carboxylic acids
  • Adhesion promoters in adhesives
  • Plastic processing aids, engineering plastic modifiers
  • Shedding agents for various types of polishes
  • Lubricants in textile and latex processing
  • Antifoaming agent in the pulp and paper treatment processes
  • Alternative to montane wax

Ethoxylated Alcohols to UNITHOX™ Series ~

UNITHOX™ Series is a non-ionic activator that is ethoxylated by the addition of ethylene oxide (EO) to fully saturated, linear, and long-chain UNILIN™ alcohols.


  • It has hydrophilic and lipophilic groups and can be dispersed in both water and various organic media.
  • It is possible to make the particle size fine without increasing the viscosity.
  • Can withstand higher heating steps than ordinary ethoxides
  • Antifoaming effect
  • Antistat effect


  • A wide range of dispersant to water, organic solvents

    Examples of dispersive uses:
    Pigment Phthalocyanine blue, lysolerubin, zinc oxide, carbon black, iron oxide, titanium dioxide
    Wax Paraffin, Microcrystalline, Synthetic (POLYWAX™ Polyethylene)
    Oil Silicone, soy
    Resin Epoxy; polyester; rosin esters; terpene phenolic acids; alkyds
  • Lubricants and emulsifiers in metalworking fluids.
  • Emulsification of silicon oil
  • Emulsifiers and lubricants for textile processing and finishing fluids.
  • Additives for coating agents
  • Pulp and paper treatment chemicals

Specialty polymers

Synthetic Hydrocarbons to VYBAR™ Series ~

VYBAR™ Series is a hyperbranched hydrocarbon wax. Excellent solvent solubility with high polymer and low melting point. It has an oilcombination effect and is used in candles and mold release agents from molds for the purpose of reforming petroleum-based waxes.

Maleic anhydride to CERAMER™ series ~

CERAMER™ Series is a functional polymer with maleic anhydride derivatives grafted to hydrocarbon polymers. It is highly dispersible, taking advantage of its high acid value, and has self-emulsifying properties. They are used as compatibilizers and dispersion aids in applications such as toner, thermal transfer, and coating.

Oxidized polymers (oxidized hydrocarbons) group

A low molecular weight polymer with unique physical properties by oxidizing. It contains oxygenated functional groups such as acids, esters, and alcohols, which accelerate water emulsification and also improve solvent solubility. It is used in water-based dispersions, liquid solvent-type polishes, fabric treatment softeners, and specialty inks.

Applications of Synthetic Wax

Thermal transfer ink
Plastic additive
Mold release agents

There are products with different molecular weights and melting points for each series. We will prepare detailed materials and samples, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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